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A low cost process for CFD solution

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MyCFD provides economical hydrodynamic and aerodynamic CFD solutions by a web based service.

Founded in 2012, MyCFD's philosophy is to democratize CFD for marine applications. Indeed with the advent of high performance computing and the high accuracy of CFD software, MyCFD's dream of democratization has come true.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we achieved to develop an automated process allowing us to save 80% of the cost.

MyCFD benefits :

  • We guarantee successful results in less than 48h
  • We enable naval architects to focus on their projects

MyCFD provides a low cost service for:

  • Ship resistance with wake factors for powering estimates
  • Trim optimization studies
  • Single fluid lift and drag such as for a wing
  • Current coefficients for offshore structures
  • VPP aero and hydro data points

To contact us :

By phone : +33 6 12 21 11 79

By email :